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Specialty Retailers and the Board Sports Lifestyle
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Specialty Retailers and the Board Sports Lifestyle
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Celebrate All Season Long with these 7 Retail Holidays

For most people, the holidays are an opportunity to slow down and spend time with friends and family. Unless, of course, you’re a business owner or retailer. In that case, buckle your seatbelt and hold on tight, because things are about to get crazy. As most of us in the industry know, Black Friday is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to shopping holidays. In fact, there are actually 7 “holidays” you can highlight in order to celebrate the season and leverage sales. We’re presenting them now, so you can get a head start on planning your best year yet. Gray Thursday—November 26, 2015 Also known as Thanksgiving Day, more and more retailers are opening their stores after the feast and before the official madness of Black Friday begins. While some people bemoan this trend, claiming it takes away from the holiday, the truth is that for many, shopping for gifts is a fun way to spend the evening and work off some calories. If you don’t want to open your doors on Gray Thursday, an online sale is a good compromise. Black Friday—November 27, 2015 This shopping holiday needs no introduction, so how about a little history instead? Black Friday originally became a big deal because it was an unspoken rule that no retailer would advertise Christmas sales or events until after the Thanksgiving parade had concluded. (Hard to believe now, when Christmas decorations immediately take the place of Halloween candy—my, how things have changed!) Even though there are other marketing holidays, Black Friday remains the biggest. Make sure you’re prepared! Small Business Saturday—November 28,... read more

5 Creative Holiday Promotions to Try This Year

In the retail world the holiday season starts early. Thanks to big box stores and free online shipping, small independent businesses have to try harder than ever to attract and retain customers. This means getting creative and figuring out what your store offers that others can’t. To help you out, we’ve rounded up five creative holiday promotions that are effective for small businesses in particular. Check them out, give them a try, and then get ready for your best season yet.   Buy Now, Save Later Have you ever gotten home from a day of shopping, pulled your shiny new purchases out of the bag, and found a slip of paper or coupon, promising you exclusive savings to be redeemed at a later date? Usually, these promotions are only given to people as they buy something, so it’s both a way to get customers back into the store, as well as a reward for their loyalty. If you decide to use a promotion like this, choose a short window of time during which it can be redeemed, such as the week before Christmas, and gear it toward those pesky last minute gifts.   Be Social When you’re a small business, your number one goal is selling enough product to pay your bills (and give your loyal employees a sweet end-of-the-year bonus). In the rush of retail, however, we sometimes forget the real meaning of the holidays—peace, goodwill, and giving back. Embrace these universal truths by heading to social media and hosting a fun giveaway that has nothing to do with getting and everything to do with giving. A fun... read more

Why Your Business Needs a Google+ Page

When it comes to social media, Facebook is usually the first thing that comes to mind, followed closely by Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and maybe LinkedIn. You probably don’t think of Google+, and that’s a shame. It turns out this platform has some great perks, especially if you’re a business, brand, or retailer. Wondering what Google+ can do for you? Allow us to explain. Send the Right Message When you create a Google+ page for your business, it serves as your public identity and a central place to share your expertise and knowledge. Google+ has approximately 300 million monthly active users, but the level of engagement isn’t all that high—on average, users spent about 7 minutes per month on the site. While 7 minutes might not seem like a lot, what they’re doing during that time can make or break your business. Searching for goods and services. Looking up business hours. Reading reviews. Google+ automatically creates a page for your company, but until you step in and take control, that page will look barren, empty, and closed for business—not exactly the message you want to send to potential customers and clients. Improve Your SEO Google+ is a Google product. Seems obvious, right? Something that might not be quite as clear is the fact that Google indexes Plus pages almost as soon as they’re published. It can also index more information, because data isn’t blocked or hidden within another social network, such as Facebook or Twitter. This means having an active and robust Google+ business page will help you rank higher in search results. In many cases, a business’s Google+ page... read more

Surf Expo September 2015 Highlights

Earlier this month, BRA representatives attended the much-anticipated Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida. For three days, we met awesome brands, attended great seminars, and had an amazing time. Here are some of the highlights: The Neighborhood This year, Surf Expo set up “The Neighborhood,” which was a lounge area that combined like-minded brands and amazing handcrafted coffee—a wonderful pairing, especially at such an intense trade show! Located at the heart of the surf section, it was the perfect way to keep energy high and connect with some of our favorite companies while exploring the Expo’s extensive offerings.  Two of our favorites were the Wake section, which made a standout appearance this year thanks to incredible displays and top-of-the-line wakeboard boats, and the Freaker brand, which hail from our hometown of Wilmington, NC. They traveled with their band, the Harmonica Lewiniskis, whose tunes wowed the crowd at the end of each day. The Seminars As usual, Surf Expo hosted an exceptional series of educational seminars. With three seminars on Thursday and Friday and one on Saturday, attendees had many opportunities to sit in and listen to the speakers. In case you missed it, here were some great takeaways: Retail Innovation Panel – Selling an Experience This great seminar was moderated by Glenn Brumage and included Todd Canipe, George Leichtweis, and Lee Elliot. Together, they discussed the power of “experiential retailing,” or the idea of selling an experience rather than a product. Offering in-store events and VIP parties are a great way to create loyalty and encourage community among your customer base. Optimize your Online Presence for the 2015 Digital Landscape... read more

5 Reasons to Join SIA Today

The Board Retailers Association is dedicated to promoting and supporting the world of board sports in every possible way. One of our methods is by connecting our members to other organizations with a similar mission. Today, we want to draw your attention to SIA. SnowSports Industries America (SIA) is the only non-profit, member-owned trade association that represents suppliers and service providers of consumer snow sports. Founded in 1954, it counts constituents in the retailer, rep and resort communities among its members. The organization offers its members a number of amazing benefits, which can help your individual business and the snow sports community as a whole survive and thrive. These benefits include: Research As a member of SIA, you’ll enjoy free access to the latest and greatest industry research. From important marketing trends to hidden opportunities, SIA will give you the knowledge you need to make a difference in your community and industry. Resources SIA has a comprehensive media database and directory that can help you increase your visibility—and your sales potential. The organization also offers public relations assistance, which can be especially useful for smaller businesses that don’t have a dedicated PR department. Snow Show SIA’s Snow Show is the only trade show dedicated to the snow sports industry—and it’s only open to SIA members. Each year, over 18,000 industry members attend it, making this an event you can’t afford to miss! Discounts SIA offers great discounts to its members on everyday costs, such as FedEx shipping, freight, car rentals, booth warehousing, and more. They also offer exclusive package exhibit booths. These discounts make it easier to accomplish your... read more

Less Than One Month Until Surf Expo!

Surf Expo is the largest and longest running watersports and beach lifestyle tradeshow in the world. It’s been around since 1976 and last year’s September show sold out, which isn’t surprising in the least. When you consider the fact that Surf Expo is the best place to identify new trends, preview new brands, and get business done, it makes sense that everyone wants to be there! As we gear up for the 2015 event (September 10-12—less than one month away!) we’re already getting excited. Here are some numbers to help you see the scope and power of this iconic trade show: 2,600 booths 7,500 store fronts 26,000 attendees $2 billion in buying power #1 in award-winning trade shows In addition to these impressive numbers, there’s another bonus to Surf Expo that we’re particularly excited about. It’s called Board Demo Day, and it takes place on September 9, from 11AM to 4PM. Board Demo Day supports the stand up paddle, wakeboard, and wakesurf markets, and it’s amazing opportunity for retailers to test drive new products before stocking them in their stores. It’s also a lot of fun. Check out this slide show of last year’s event to see what we mean. Whether this is your first Surf Expo or your 39th, we’d love to hear what you’re most looking forward to this year. Let us know on Facebook. In the meantime, we’ll be busy packing our bags and getting ready for a great show. See you... read more