3 Ways Your Business Can Most of Father’s Day

3 Ways Your Business Can Most of Father’s Day

Each year, Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday of June. A yearly holiday that celebrates the great Dads in our lives, Father’s Day was founded in the early 20th century, and it’s still going strong today. This year, Father’s Day is June 21st, and for business owners, it’s not just a time to buy Dad a new tie or take the kids fishing. It’s also an opportunity to help families honor their fathers with great, one-of-a-kind gifts and experiences.

Below are three ways to market your business during Father’s Day. Best of all, these tips can also be used for other holidays, such as Mother’s Day, the Fourth of July, and Christmas. Just remember to keep the meaning of the holiday in mind as you create your marketing plan. This Father’s Day, make sure you put Dad first, and the rest will fall into place.

  1. Create a Father’s Day gift guide.

Finding a great gift isn’t always easy—especially for the Dad who has everything! Help your customers by creating a thoughtful list of suggestions that highlights your unique products and services. Get specific and creative, and offer reasons for each product’s inclusion and suggestions for how to enjoy it. You can even break the list down for types of Dads, so they feel extra personal. A surfing dad, for example, might love some new wax, while a skateboarding father probably prefers an awesome new t-shirt.

  1. Make life easier for last minute shoppers.

Life is busy and Father’s Day always seems to show up sooner than we think, which means last minute gifts are going to happen. Save your customers time, energy and stress by creating go-to displays full of great Father’s Day presents. Put these displays in your windows, advertise them with signs to draw in-store traffic, and educate your staff on which items to promote. You can even group a few products together, such as a gift certificate for surf lessons and a wetsuit, and offer it as a basket or bundle. And don’t forget to offer free gift-wrapping!

  1. Host a flash giveaway on social media.

Holidays are a great opportunity to take part in the online celebrations. Ask your community to comment on a Facebook post with their favorite family moments or share a photo of their Dad for a chance to win a prize. Many people will share your post for a chance to win and will be eager to contribute their own happy memories to the thread. Not only is a positive way to connect with your customers and have some fun, but it’s also a great way to remind folks of the holiday’s true meaning. By inviting your community to celebrate their Dads, you’ve already helped them take the first step toward having the best Father’s Day ever.

How will you be celebrating Father’s Day this year, in your store and at home? Let us know on Facebook, and have a great one!