4 Ways to Make a Shoppable Instagram 

4 Ways to Make a Shoppable Instagram 

Right now, one of the best social media platforms for your business is Instagram. A visual network with outstanding engagement, it’s a great place to connect with customers and build brand awareness.

The only downside is that Instagram doesn’t allow users to sell directly on the platform. The best you can do is direct people to the link in your bio and hope they find the product you’re featuring in your image. Since Instagram’s inception, this has been an awkward reality for businesses, which is why a number of startups have decided to develop alternatives that make Instagram shoppable.

Below are four companies that have created effective solutions for fairly low monthly fees. Check them out, experiment, and see which one works best for you.


Like2Buy was created by marketing tech company Curalate. According to their website, Like2Buy “makes it easy for consumers to buy from Instagram by connecting engagement with Instagram videos and images to traffic and revenue—instantly.” This is accomplished by using the one live link Instagram allows (in your bio) to link to a gallery of shoppable images that are ecommerce-enabled through your online store.


Have2Have.It is similar to Like2Buy. It creates a link that takes your followers to a shoppable, curated page that has the same look and feel of your business’s Instagram feed. The only difference is that this one is allows them to tap the images for direct links to the products they love, driving customers directly to your ecommerce platform.

Popular among fashion bloggers, embeds product credits with an affiliate link. As soon as a user “likes” a photo on Instagram, he or she will receive an email that visually lists the outfit’s credits. The only catch is that the user must also sign up for It’s an extra step but if your customers are willing to take it, buying your products will be simple and easy process. If you’re in an industry that makes regular use of influencers, this is also a great opportunity for them to earn a percentage of sales from the products they promote on your behalf.


Hopefully, your Instagram followers love your photos and the products in them. LIKE IT WANT IT offers a direct a path to buying those products by making them shoppable. It directly links to product purchase sites, allowing fans to purchase products in seconds. LIKE IT WANT IT also tracks the results, offering robust analytics that allow you to tweak your strategy as needed.

While none of these solutions are perfect, they are each a lot better than Instagram’s current abilities. Until the day Instagram rolls out their own shoppable option, we’ll be keeping an eye on the solutions created by others and sharing the ones that work best.

Happy shopping!