An Instagram Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Digitally savvy consumers are entering stores already well informed about a product’s features and prices. They are building communities and relationships online, which has retailers focusing more in the e-commerce and social media realm. It’s more important than ever to ensure that initiatives and efforts across all platforms of the customer experience work together: customer service, brand/marketing communications, brick-and-mortar stores, social, and e-commerce platforms.

In terms of marketing communications, storytelling has been one of the most effective strategies to date. People love stories, and love the stories they can relate to even more. Short- and long-form blogging works wonders, and with the onset of new social trends and development of new mobile and social apps, visual storytelling has moved its way up to the front of the fold.

We’ve witnessed the exponential growth of Instagram: 1 million accounts in just two months after its launch in 2010, and now the visual platform boasts over 150 million monthly active users. People and personalities are finding clever ways to express themselves, and brands are incorporating the platform into their outreach strategies.

Retailers should take the time to make the right decisions about where to invest change, but we’re loving the images that are coming from Sweetwater Surf Shop in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. They’re doing an awesome job on Instagram and have cultivated a following through engagement, and have the rhythm, content, and variation that converts into sales. They’ve got this down pat.

Retailers are building brand value through tangible, person-to-person relationships that begin and grow well before customers walk through the door. Creating a social presence for your business enhances your brand and gets your products in front of more customers. Most importantly, it allows an avenue for you to engage about something you love.

Check out the Sweetwater Surf Shop Instagram and let us know what you think!