Associate Member Spotlight: Pukka Inc.

This newsletter’s featured BRA partner is Pukka, manufacturer of high-quality private label hats and mobile cases. We chatted with Pukka’s Ryan Zies, New Business Development, about  features of these programs that allow Pukka to stand out when it comes to choosing a private label accessories manufacturer.

Q: How do Pukka’s programs serve the independent/specialty action sports retailer?

A: With Pukka, independent and specialty retailers finally have the opportunity to show a full line of truly custom headwear and mobile cases. Both product category programs feature low minimums, custom design options, and quick 30-day turn times. Shops now have the opportunity to compete with the larger brands by becoming a brand themselves, essentially creating a brand around their shops with little to no risk in terms of investment and inventory.

Q: What sets Pukka apart from other private label headwear companies?

A: Pukka sets itself apart from other private label headwear suppliers by executing our just-in-time production model. This model was built around the ability to offer retailers expanded flexibility in their merchandise mix. More options for the customer to choose, equals more incremental sales.

Our innovative approach allows retail shops to get involved in the entire process that begins at the design stage. It’s an engaging experience to see how many options that exist. The retail shops can literally design and build headwear from scratch – meaning they can pick the silhouette, fabric types, colors, embellishment techniques, etc., rather than buying blank hats that are already built, limiting their customization options.

We have built an internal software system called “Prosperity” that is comparable to the Nike ID program. Technology is one of the cornerstones of our program and ultimately a competitive advantage as our reps can sit down with shops during the sales call and design their order on the spot. It speeds up the approval process and lets the buyer see what they are getting. It eliminates the guess work.

If there is a higher level of design that needs to take place, our full-service design staff can create logos, concept designs and even full-blown tech packs if required. Our highly-trained customer service department provides top-notch care for all of our customers to ensure order accuracy and on-time delivery.

Q: What’s the concept behind the company?

A: The concept behind our company is to be an innovation and customization leader, and our build-from-scratch mentality pushes the boundaries. In today’s industry, complete customization in low minimums is not something you find very often, especially in headwear and now mobile cases.

Our programs offer low minimums, full customization, 30-day shipping and Free freight on standard program orders.

Headwear Program Details

  • 48 piece minimum (can be broken up into 4 colorways of 12 pieces)
  • Built-from-scratch (meaning you can chose every panel color/fabric, thread color, custom embellishments (interior woven labels, printed seam tape)
  • Delivered in 30 days
  • Free shipping

Mobile Case Program Details

  • 24 piece minimum (can be broken up into 4 styles of 6 pieces)
  • Pre-packed in counter top ready display boxes
  • Delivered in 30 days
  • Orders of 36 pieces get free POP display stand
  • iPhone 4 and 5 molds
  • Free shipping

Q: What markets are you involved in besides action sports?

A: We have 3 marketplace divisions, Authentics (Action Sports), Golf (green grass and specialty), and Team (high school and college team sporting goods).

Q: What are some clients/companies in our industry who you work with?

A: Shops: Katin, Jack’s, Val Surf, 17th Street, Dr. Jays, Catalyst, BC Surf and Sport, Spyder, Katin
Brands: Sanuk, Reef

Q: Who should a BRA member contact for more info or to place an order?

A: Pukka Contact: Ryan Zies, New Business Development.