Associate Partnership – A Relationship Building Marketing Outreach Program

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Becoming an Associate Partner not only pledges your support to this important organization, it enables you to establish trusting relationships with our Membership.

This Partnership Program will benefit three distinct categories of Members including:

  • Vendor Partners;
  • Brand Partners; and
  • Community Partners

Rather than delineate the levels of the above categories of Members with precious metals or gemstones and cookie cutter marketing benefits, our unique Partnership Programs can be customized for those spanning a wide range of budgets and seeking real working relationships with our Members.

The four highly customizable Partner Levels are as follows:

  • Principal Supporting Partners;
  • Major Supporting Partners;
  • Supporting Partners; and
  • Community Supporting Partners

We are seeking to identify and connect with Vendors, Brands and members of the Action Sports Community that have the capacity to provide our entire membership with impeccable service or outstanding products at competitive pricing and that truly care about the health and well-being of the Board Sports Retailer and Lifestyle.

We also offer shorter term Associate Partnership opportunities in the form of BRA Supporting Event Partnerships specifically related to Regional Retailer Roundtables & Other Epic Events 

In summary, being a Brand Partner, Vendor Partner or Community Partner of any level offers you:

Targeted Outreach

Your brand message heard loud and clear by our members as well as board specialty retailers in all 50 states that have yet to officially sign up for Membership through targeted marketing efforts.

Insider Industry Knowledge

Invaluable information to help you break into the board specialty retail market.

Recognition by a Captive Audience

The attention of loyal, core retailers in every region of the country who will notice your genuine support of BRA, which will make the decision to utilize your services or order your products that much easier to justify.

To customize a Brand Partnership, Vendor Partnership or Community Partnership to meet your specific goals and budget contact Doug Works at 760-500-5716 or


The following list elaborates on the type of benefits that we may be able to incorporate into your customized Partnership Package:

Logo and Web Link*

BRA’s website offers thousands of impressions each month. We’ll insert your logo and web link to your site as a banner ad on the BRA website.

Service Listing

We’ll promote your service in our upcoming 2020 Member Resources Directory with your copy, logo and contact info. Have a special deal or exclusive offering that you want to provide to BRA Retail Members? We will highlight it in the easy to access digital 2020 Member Resources Directory.

Personal Referrals

We’ll also communicate your scope of services, special deals and exclusive offerings in verbal, text and email communications between the Executive Director and Retail Members.  The Executive Director typically connects with between 5 and 50 board specialty retailers each day every week.

Newsletter Ad

We’ll include your ad in one or more of the BRA Newsletters which are sent electronically to our robust database of 7,000 recipients quarterly.

Targeted Emails

We’ll send out a branded, targeted email to our members as well as other board specialty retailers in all 50 states that have yet to officially sign up for Membership on your behalf.  You provide copy and graphics; we can even provide complete open and click-through statistics reporting.

Trade Show Marketing

Send us printed marketing materials that you’d like to have available to retailers who we meet at trade shows. We’ll be happy to make your materials available in our booth space at the shows, which are frequented by retailers from all over the country from show opening to closing each day.

Retailer Roundtable and Special Event Marketing*

Send us printed marketing materials that you’d like to have available to retailers who attend BRA Regional Retailer Roundtables and other non-trade show related BRA special events. We’ll be happy to distribute your materials in conspicuous locations at these types of events.  We will also make you aware of upcoming event sponsorship opportunities that could complement your Partnership significantly.

Exclusive Industry Event Discounts*

When possible, free or discounted entry fee for special events like Surf Summit, Skateboarding Summit, Trade Show networking events and more will be made available.

Social Media Exposure

Inclusion in BRA Facebook, Instagram and Linked-In posts with special hashtags specific to you.

* = available for Supporting Major or Supporting Principle Partner Levels only

Please contact Doug Works at 760-500-5716 or with any questions or to customize a Brand Partnership, Vendor Partnership or Community Partnership to meet your specific goals and budget.