Attendee Comments on the BRA Retail Summit

“It (The Retail Summit) gave me the opportunity to meet some new friends and reconnect with some old ones. There was so much good information and healthy interaction that I almost wanted to get back into retail. I look forward to helping further the retail/manufacturer relationship in the future. There is so much to consider with fully vertical retailers, internet sales, domestic and international economy pressures and our customers changing lifestyles. The more we all understand our changing business environment and the effect on each other, the better chance we have to grow our business together. Lets be smart and work hard to keep this open communication and exchange of information going. I’m still reeling from the stoke.” Glenn Brumage, IASC

“I had a killer time (in Puerto Rico), learned an assload of stuff, danced with some Puerto Rican babe and met some incredible people.” Shawn Taylor, Santa Cruz Surfboards

“I just wanted to say that I got a lot out of the Summit, and the content was extremely rich. I’ve been doing this retail thing for a long time and sometimes it can be quite uninspiring. I walked away from last week feeling re-charged and inspired. I’m not a big group email kind of guy, but I just wanted to say that you did a good job. Keep it up!” Pete Censoplano, Sun Diego

“I know that all the Sk8 shops, Sk8 Park owners and retailers that attended were very stoked on [IASC’s] presentation. Your state of Skate combined with the Skate Deck merchandising report and creative thinking exercise were a big hit! I’ve received a ton of positive feedback from the retailers the presentation and the comments have been so awesome. The positive momentum and feedback from the summit has been great and I agree [that we need to] keep that productive momentum moving ahead. [BRA] did a beautiful job of organizing the summit and the positive results from all the inspirational/educational seminars and roundtable discussions have made an incredible impact on all involved.” Todd Roberts, ZJ Boarding House and BRA Chair 2007-2009

“Hi guys…thank you for a great event. I was stoked to be a part of it… you guys did a great job. I had a chance to share the themes of the BRA Event with the SIMA group. I also think you will have a few other manufacturers more interested in supporting your event and organization going forward as well. I think we are also off to a good start to work closer together there as well. We are already working on some POP for a “green/ASEC” area for our select shops.” Tom Holbrook, Quiksilver

“The vibe and speakers were all awesome…..I agree we all have a much clearer understanding of the many opportunities we have ahead of us………Let’s keep up the communication” Dick Baker, SIMA

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Melissa and Mike for doing such a great job on this year’s summit. I think that most of you will agree a lot of work was done, and a lot of new friendships were made as well. I think this goes to show we all as retailers and vendors can all work together. I look forward to seeing each of you throughout the year and hope that you will make it to next year’s summit.” Emma White-Pryor, Ron Jon Surf Shop

“For so long specialty retailers and manufacturer’s have been guardians of our lifestyle, but as the industry grows we all move into the role of being stewards to newcomers and service providers to those who have built their pastimes around what we enjoy everyday…I’m glad to have made new friends and reconnected with old ones…cheers to all of you for coming together to make the summit a success!” Vipe Desai, Propaganda HQ

“Huge congratulations to you both on an amazing event. I know how difficult it can be to plan such a gathering and you really nailed it on all counts. Leanne and I had an amazing time and we were both so impressed by the organization of the entire event. From the food to the content everything was first class and I was just completely honored to be a part of it. We are completely behind you and BRA and look forward to working together to support specialty retailers and the lifestyle we all love.” Andy Tompkins, ASR

“I want to echo everyone’s great sentiments. We have gone further in 5 years than I ever dreamed we would or could. I just want to thank you all again for the amazing conference in Puerto Rico. It was yet another evolution for surf retailers and I applaud you all for your efforts. I would never have guessed 5 years ago that we would all be together sharing and learning on this level. Truly a very remarkable accomplishment. I came home with quite a few things to help improve our business (and if I’m clever I’ll just dump them all on Todd, HA!) and the relationships with the media, our vendors and fellow retailers is solid gold.” Mikke Pierson, ZJ Boarding House

“I guess that I should lob in a complement to everyone for such a great time in P.R. It is really rad to see how far it’s come since that initial meeting in Sonoma. From trepidation to open-armed welcomes, the BRA has achieved what we set out to do and much more. The general respect and ease in which we mingle is really a sight to behold. Thanks everyone for such energy and willingness to share, learn and identify opportunities that will bring us success and positive return during economic times that cause us to really sharpen our business skills. Good luck to everyone over the next season and I hope we all return to BRA Summit 6 for another round of friendship, fun and inspiration!” Steve Carlson, Central Coast Surfboards

“I would have to agree with everyones comments on how insightful and constructive the BRA summit was. Thanks to Mike and Melissa for keeping it fun and interesting and I was very excited to meet everyone over the weekend. It was great to see everyone working together for the greater good. It was an honor to be a part of it all. I feel invigorated and inspired and cannot wait to implement what I have learned. Lots of big words in that last sentence . . . and I meant every one of them.” Martin Ramos, Kona Skatepark

“It is not very often in life that you find a group of individuals with common beliefs, values and interests that are willing to share with one another. The BRA conference this past weekend is a great example of how special our industry and those involved are. In a world where many are often too busy to get through the day, you all took the time this weekend to take a breath and share ideas. For that I congratulate all of you. I look forward to being there in person next year and I hope this email finds you home safe, refreshed and with a few new friends.” Roy Turner, Surf Expo

“I would also like to echo the gratitude for bringing us all together and your efforts to help our wonderful industry. BRA is more than I ever expected it to be and becomes more valuable every year to me. I hope everyone had fun…I sure did.” Barak Wiser, Skatepark of Tampa

“I had a wonderful time with all of you and appreciate all of the good times and the good ideas that were put forward. It is great (or not so great) to hear that many of us are experiencing the same hard times and that I (we) didn’t suddenly forget how to do our jobs. I learn something new everyday I am involved with this industry; from my customers, my vendors and from all of you. I am grateful to have BRA as a resource and hope to strengthen our relationships and our ability to protect our lifestyle. Thank you Mike and Melissa for hosting a great event. Thank you Roy for getting us all here.” Scott Oreschnick, Cal Surf

“I’m so glad that I decided to attend this year as this experience was truly educational, enlightening and, most importantly, an opportunity to be with old friends and make many new friendships.
I would have to say that it wasn’t necessarily the introduction of new ideas or topics that was most important as much as it was the depth of which was covered by the presenters and participants. We have always been very aware and respectful of the fresh, youthful input in going forward in this industry and the B.R.A. Summit was a perfect forum for this. Listening to the different twists and spins on some of the more featured areas that were addressed over the course of the conference allows for this information to be taken home and implemented back at the stores. This was most definitely a very informative and rewarding experience and one that I found to be most valuable in moving on in a positive way during these tough times. Congrats and appreciation go out to Melissa, Mike and Todd for teaming up for a most successful year, an organized and well planned summit and ending it with a classic and very deserving roast/toast.” Mark “Wally” Richards, Val Surf | World’s Oldest Board Shop

“We at Action Sports Environmental Coalition want to extend our gratitude for your support this week at BRA. We couldn’t have asked for a more epic experience and we are excited about our momentum as an industry united!” Frank Scura, ASEC

“It was so to great to see everyone come together and work side by side on the issues our industry faces and to share tales of success as well. It was good seeing old friends and great making new ones! This summit really brought it home to me how happy I am to be back in this market.” Steven Fisher, Surf Expo

“Thank you so much Mike and Melissa and the rest of the BRA Executive Committee. The summit was fantastic: educational, fun, and I think it did an especially good job of giving the attendees a coherent and unified view of where we are in a tough market. Thanks also to everyone who I had a chance to share ideas with. I found these ad hoc meetings incredibly helpful. Oh, check out The Real Super Massive BRA Retail Summit 5 Photo Gallery ( I think I got photos of a lot of you, but somehow Emma slipped through my net! (I can’t believe it!)” Sean O’Brien, Surf Expo

“[The] only thing to add was that it was also a learning experience for us!” Robby Roberts, Pure Board Shop

“The weekend was an incredible success. I appreciate the work that Melissa and Mike did to make this an extraordinary event. I walk away inspired and reignited to do a job I already love doing. Thank you very much.” D. Nachnani, Coastal Edge