Board Retailers Association Teams Up with SurfAid for Exclusive Launch of Capsule Tee Collection

Board Retailers Association (BRA) announced today that it has formed an alliance with SurfAid in order to launch its latest humanitarian fundraising efforts with an exclamation point. Board Retailers Association retail members will be the exclusive retailers to offer the collection for the first six months of its availability. The collection offers four unique designs on high-end cotton shirts manufactured by SurfAid’s partner Made for Good who works with a variety of brands in the fashion industry to assist with their fundraising efforts and use apparel to promote social good.

The SurfAid cause is one that is close to surf retailers’ hearts, and the opportunity to be a part of an exciting program has gotten BRA members very excited. “Board Retailers Association couldn’t be happier to have this partnership with SurfAid be the jumping off point for exclusive offerings brands can offer through BRA member shops to create a buzz about special, limited products, and to reinforce the relevance and importance of the independent retailer,” said BRA Co-Chair Coco Tihanyi, who plans to sell the collection in her shop Surf Diva Boutique.

The collection is easily ordered through an online portal beginning today. BRA membership status will be confirmed before the order is shipped.

For more information about selling the collection, please contact

To check your BRA Membership status, or to become a retail member for just $99 a year, go to and click “Join” or contact Vicki Vasil at or 910-509-1009 x1005.