Congratulations to Ricky Carroll

A huge congratulations to undefeated shape-off champion, Ricky Carroll from Florida, for his unrivaled success at the 2nd Annual Tribute to the Masters Shape-off, presented by Ice-Nine Foam Works. With only 90 minutes in the Akeena Solar portable shaping booth at the Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Expo, each renowned competitor raced against the clock to successfully replicate the Bill Caster four-channel, wing-pin tail, single-fin Chris O’Rourke model board. It was no simple feat, and the judges had their work cut out for them as they deliberated each anonymous shape.

“And the grand prize winner, for the second year in a row—Ricky Carroll from Florida!” announced Sam George, amidst an animated crowd of anxious show attendees, which included members of the Caster family, whom were honored to be a part of an event that benefited the iconic Caster name and logo. The east coast shaper literally jumped off the ground in disbelief and exhilaration as he humbly accepted a hug from legendary shaper Terry Martin, along with the one-thousand dollar check and the Midget Smith trophy. Midget’s family was also present to receive high honors for preserving legacy of his name.

“This competition represents the celebration of life of two icons of surf, and by having Terry Martin present the Midget Smith trophy, all the parts came together,” said Ice-Nine president Jon Stillman. “We’re stoked about the whole thing. Seeing the Caster family there as well as Midget Smith’s family added a whole lot of heart and soul to the event,” he added.

“The competition was just as hard as last year’s, and the shape was just as difficult to copy,” said Ricky, referring to the 2007 shape-off, honoring Mike Diffenderfer. “Everyone did a great job. We were all really close so it made it hard for the judges to decide,” he added. Renowned board builders from up and down the California coastline (Chris Christenson, Ned Mahon, Ward Coffey, Timmy Patterson and Matt Calvani) all posed some stiff competition. Ricky had his doubts after finishing and wasn’t sure that he had accurately captured some of the nuances of the shape. “Honestly, I thought I left the door open for someone else to win,” he said.

But the panel of experts (Hank Warner, Bird Huffman, Ernie Higgins, Chris Aherns and Tim Bessell) seemed to think otherwise. After closely examining the replicas and placing the template over each one, they decided that RC had most precisely captured the template and channels in the Caster board.

Ricky Carroll’s notable triumph is already being celebrated from his crew at R&D Surf and other supporters in Florida, who were cheering for him from afar. “I really felt the pressure from the guys on the east coast who wanted me to bring home the grand prize again,” said this year’s reigning champion.

The shape-off boards will all be auctioned off, and proceeds will go to the Caster family to help protect the iconic Caster label.

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