Huntington Beach, California, September 12, 2006 — As the final five teams of the Quiksilver Surf Shop Challenge presented by Surfer entered their dugouts with anticipation, the stage for a spectacular National Championship final was set as perfect head-high sets reeled across Oceanside’s North Jetty. With a $10,000 check, full-page ad in Surfer, and more importantly a year of bragging rights on the line, spirits were high, favorites were chosen, side bets were placed and playful insults were flung about the dugout as the contest announcers counted down the last 10-seconds of freedom for the competitors.

The opening horn blew and the 70-minute final was under way. Ryan Briggs from Sunrise Surf Shop took the lead early with one of the first waves in the heat, the wave that would become a huge deciding factor in the final outcome. Briggs dropped into an 8.0 ride that consisted of a series of front-side hacks with a huge reverse on the end section. He quickly threw up his arms to claim his “Double Whammy” ride, doubling his score to 16.0 and placing his team in the lead. Unwilling to stop there, Briggs paddled back out and immediately dropped into an already bowling, lined-up right. The second wave gave him a perfect wall, which granted him the opportunity for a barrel section, another huge hack and a bank off the end section for a score of 9.85 and a grand total of almost 26 points for Sunrise’s first rider.

2004 champs, Revolution, had their competitive fire burning as shop owners Jesse Mota and John Villela, alongside team riders Nick Rosza and Nathaniel Curran, posted solid scores. “Revo Man,” the teams adorned foam block mascot, was on hand along with the biggest cheering squad on the beach, but no amount of spirit would be able to push the Revolution team back onto the winners podium. After a strong showing throughout the heat, the Central/Northwest champs would fall less than three points short.

Only half a point behind Revolution, with a solid third place finish was Huntington Surf and Sport, whose team of young guns Logan Strook and Brian VanArsdale, with Huntington veterans Micah Byrne and Brett Simpson, had enough firepower to take the win in the last few minutes, but fell short when “Whammy Rider,” Simpson, was unable to ride out of a huge front-side air reverse.

Simpson’s performance on that wave may not have landed his team the National Title, but it did land him a check for $1000 as the DC Most Progressive Maneuver. Throughout the Surf Shop Challenge, DC Shoes has been putting up a $250 check at each regional championship, and, yesterday, quadrupled the prize for the biggest move pulled on the national stage.

From here, the five teams will be chauffeured to the 2006 Surfer Poll and Video awards presented by Suzuki Automotive on Tuesday night, September 12, 2006 where the boys, and girl, will be welcomed as VIP’s. With $10,000 in the bank, maybe team Sunrise will spring for the first round of drinks.

2006 Quiksilver Surf Shop Challenge Finalists

First Place 49.96: Sunrise Surf Shop, FL
Team: Ryan Briggs, Adam McGill, Dane Jeffreys, and Jason Motes

Second Place 47.43: Revolution, CA
Team: Nathaniel Curran, John Villela, Jesse Mota, and Nick Rosza

Third Place 46.93: Huntington Surf and Sport, CA
Team: Logan Strook, Micah Byrne, Brett Simpson, and Brian VanArsdale

Fourth Place 41.83: WRV Virginia Beach, VA
Team: Wes Laine, Ian Parnell, Jeff Myers, and Ben McBrien

Fifth Place 6.8: Boardriders Club, HI
Team: Torri Titcomb, Nick Ventresca, Dege O’Connell, and Brennan Boudreau

The Shop Challenge is supported by a foundation of sponsorship that includes DC Shoes, Sector 9 Skateboards, ASR, Surf Expo, Board Retailers Association (B.R.A.) and This support has combined to make the Quiksilver Surf Shop Challenge one of the most successful surf events on the calendar.