How to Start a Twitter Chat for Retailers

How to Start a Twitter Chat for Retailers

Why can’t people just hang up and hang out? Many assume that with the rise of the smart phone comes the fall of actual human interaction. But that might not always be the case, especially with engaging and educational social media features like Twitter chats.

Twitter chat allows users to schedule discussions with other Twitter users through a shared hashtag. This creates an online space where questions can be answered, conversation can be started, and loyal relationships can be built. At the touch of a finger, a simple hashtag can lead you directly into a targeted conversation topic.

Because the hashtag for each chat is topic-specific, this can add tremendous value and growth to your business. Not only will a successful Twitter chat increase your social media following, it will also allow an opportunity to build community building and get helpful feedback.

You can start your own Twitter chat with just a few simple steps:

Plan Ahead

Prior to the chat, ensure that you have a clear idea of what you hope the conversation will accomplish. Set your own professional goals, and make certain that it will benefit your consumers too.

Pick Your Topic

Choose a conversation topic that is relevant to both your business and your audience. Make it industry-related, packed with questions for your followers. This will give them a chance to provide helpful ideas and feedback. It is important that the topic you choose appeals to your listeners and generates an open discussion.

Choose a Hashtag

The hashtag that you choose will be the door for people to enter your discussion. An ideal Twitter chat hashtag is concise and also parallels the message you’d like to deliver. Remember, less is always more. Short and sweet is key.

Get Your Chatters!

There are a few tactics you can use in order to promote your upcoming chat. Invite people through boosted posts, personal Twitter mentions, direct messages, Twitter invite emails, and through your new hashtag. You might need to invite them more than once and send reminders prior to the conversations.

Time to Chat

Once everything is organized and ready to go, it’s time to start chatting! Be sure to ask inviting questions that generate feedback. Request opinions and ideas. Take note of valuable responses and use that to positively build your business.

Follow Up

This step is key. Twitter chats have the ability to build strong relationships, so it is crucial that you do not leave your fellow chatters behind. Thank them for their thoughts and leave the door open for future conversations!

Not only can a quality Twitter chat add value to your business, but it will also allow you to further expose your business’s value to its community. Use this platform to promote your products, increase your sales, share upcoming events, and expose your services.

So I guess you really don’t have to hang up in order to hang out. To keep this conversation going, follow us on Twitter and let us know when we can join your next chat! And to find existing Twitter chats, check out the Twitter Chat Schedule at Tweet Reports. Happy chatting!