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Join fellow specialty retailers in the common cause of promoting your business, building relationships with the community and advancing the industry! Board Retailers Association serves to help specialty retailers get to and stay at the top of their game.

Regular Retail Membership is free and Distinguished Retail Membership is just $99 annually.

For those interested in either Regular or Distinguished Retail Membership, please fill out the simple form below.  This easy to complete multi-purpose form not only enables you to join, it gives you the option to submit your feedback to the easy 3 question topics of discussion questionnaire on the bottom of the form that we will use as basis for the next BRA Retailer Roundtable (open forum solutions-oriented discussion) Event at the same time.

If you are a Brand or Vendor in becoming a Supporting Vendor Partner, Supporting Brand Partner or Supporting Community Partner, please call Doug at 760-500-5716 or email to discuss creating a customizable program to meet your specific needs and budget while supporting this worthwhile organization. 

If you are a member of the board sports community interested in becoming a BRA Non-Retail Community Partner Member, choose that option under Membership options on the Super Simple Join Form below.

*Please note that the Board Retailers Association Charter is national in scope and currently accommodates board specialty retailers located in states and territories of the United States of America  (including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico).

Super simple form required to opt into either BRA Regular or Distinguished Retail Memberships or BRA Community Partner Memberships

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You are given a Voice through BRA (Be sure to use it)

As a Regular or Distinguished Retail Member, you have a voice. Your answers to three following (optional) questions will be incorporated into the Topics of Discussion at our upcoming Retailer Roundtable Events. These solutions oriented open forum discussions with manufacturers, brands, vendors, trade show organizations and other board specialty retailers happen multiple times per year in a variety of regions and have become effective in identifying solutions to some of the most challenging of retail issues. Thank you for contributing to the discussion.

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