Leisure Trends Group Reports Snowsport Outerwear Sales Off to a Good Start

Early 2008 season sales in ski and snowboard equipment are slow but winter outerwear sales are cutting no slack. According to the retail sales tracking unit of the Leisure Trends Group (August and September), in both snowsport chain and specialty stores, sales in 2008 are ahead of the same period in 2007.

But outerwear sales could be better, at least from the distaff side, according to a recently released snow sport apparel study conducted among core alpine skiers and snowboarders by the Leisure Trends Group Consumer Research division.

Women are frustrated with their choices in snowsport apparel because they do not feel fashion makers do a good job of combining both styling and function in the same garment. Women want to look good on the slopes but they also want to stay warm, dry and they require performance. Nearly 40% complain that women’s ski and snowboard clothing are made in unappealing colors.

The survey covers key trends in the snow sport apparel market from 2001 through 2008, monitors buyer behavior, Internet purchases and provides insights into apparel preferences of both men and women. “What’s in the closet” provides a history of brand purchases over the years and quantifies purchase frequency.

A special section focuses on the future of outerwear which highlights the role of electronic integration.

Leisure Trends Group has conducted this study for over ten consecutive years. To purchase your copy of the report, please contact Leisure Trends for more information at