Local Skateshop Day

The International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) is hosting a Local Skateshop Day where skateboard manufacturers come together for the purpose of supporting and driving sales in the specialty retail market via special events, promos, demos, etc. Here  is some preliminary information on the event and an invitation to manufacturers to participate:

Who Should Participate: IASC Member manufacturers and Specialty Skateboard Retailers everywhere

What is LSD? Local SkateShop Day, conceived in 2009, by IASC to recognize core retailers as the
true spirit of skateboarding. Having always been on the front lines, skateboard retailers represent the
true passion by connecting and promoting skateboarding to the community, being a second
home to the their local skaters, providing support to the old, current, and new generation of skaters,
campaigning for skateparks, fighting for skateboarders rights, and in general being the epicenter of the
skateboarding community.

Why LSD? After years of growing Go Skateboarding Day (GSD) the retail community began asking for
more. What more can we do together as manufacturers and retailers on a global level to elevate skateboarding
and create more in store traffic? A survey in TransWorld Business said 25% of retailers said
they saw “a significant rise in sales” leading up to and during Go Skateboarding Day. and so the wheels
began to turn. While GSD is a day to get out and skate- LSD is a day to pay a visit to the people who
keep skateboarding rolling in towns around the world- the skateboard retailer.

When is LSD? Annually 2nd Weekend in October. October 9-10, 2010. After kicking around ideas in
2009, IASC surveyed retailers and manufacturers on dates that would best fit their schedules. After a
year of meeting and discussion the final dates were decided by vote in the IASC – BRA retailer roundtable
at ASR and retailers decided October was their ideal month. Typically a slow month for retailers,
October is a time the specialty shop could use a little push to get their loyal customers in the door and
new customers thinking about the shop as a place to find items for the upcoming holiday season.

Mission of LSD: To increase awareness, focus, and energy for core skateboard retailers.
The retail landscape is ever-changing and we, as an industry need to protect our culture and our partners
and evolve with the times. So during this time we turn our energy to officially recognize the spirit
and successes of the core skateboard retailers.
And since you asked…a core skateboard retailer is defined by IASC as a physical/ brick and mortar retailer
whose product mix includes skateboarding specific items, including skate hard-goods, and which
is a regional, privately owned entity. The store encapsulates the true spirit of skateboarding and
consistently gives back to their local skate community.

How you choose the limited number of retailers is up to YOU- but you’d better get on it, because another
company may have already decided to work with them too!

Local Skateshop Day
DATE: October 9-10, 2010 (Annually 2nd Weekend in October)

How Your Brand Can Help Achieve The Mission:
Consider the most passionate, skate-centric retailers you currently work with and create a unique promotional
opportunity to bring people in to their store. This is the time of year to create that one-of-a-kind
draw for the retailers customer base. Some suggestions…

• Limited free gift with purchase
• Exclusive giveaways
• Pro demos
• In-store contests
• Autograph signings
• Discounts
…this is the day to create that push for your core retailers.

Get the word out on the streets!
• Promote it on your web site
• Get your road reps involved
• Send out a release or calendar alert to local press
• Put it on your facebook, twitter, or other time wasting social network sites

IASC Roll:
• IASC will promote the holiday by working together with global manufacturers & vendors
• IASC will create publicity for events through endemic and non-endemic media and on social networking
sites, the IASC web site and site.

Next Steps:
• Decide on a promotion and Contact your loyal retailers to confirm their participation
• Shoot IASC an email with your plans and we will help get the word out –