MAGIC has been great for BRA

We had a great first couple of days at MAGIC! As Day Three begins, I see a lot of people trudging along aimlessly with coffee, in sunglasses, on the floor. Last night included several different sponsored parties for the 40,000+ retailers in attendance here, including the S.L.A.T.E party at Haze at Aria. Good times always abound – this is Vegas after all!

We started off on Monday with a ton of our members and surf and skate manufacturers checking in at our booth in S.L.A.T.E., which was outfitted with blown-up shots of our members’ shops and decked out with assorted denim-covered cubes for lounging– Sweetwater and ZJs to name two of them. Retailers and manufacturers alike are abuzz with talks of change, and new direction. Also the news of uprising in Lybia, of course the earthquake that rocked the entire east coast from North Carolina to Ohio, and Hurricane Irene who is set to hit the east coast, hopefully not before the Coastal Edge East Coast Surfing Championships presented by Vans and a week too early to send a 15-foot swell to Long Beach, NY for the Quiksilver Pro. We all like a nice south swell but we hope everyone is safe this week!

We co-hosted our first-ever BRA seminar at MAGIC on Monday at 1pm. Co-Chairman Duke Edukas lead a discussion with Primitive’s Jay Partow and Chuck Morrow of Ambush. How to Shop MAGIC was the subject, and I also was asked to speak about some of the benefits of BRA. The overwhelming sentiment by those in attendance? The networking and camaraderie, and the potentially business-altering ideas and tips that come out of it.

The hot ticket of the week was to the Board Retailers Dinner that MAGIC hosted on Tuesday night at Simon at the posh Palms Place. Manufacturers were clamoring for the invite – just what we love to hear! MAGIC recognized Dave Nash as a veteran retail attendee and action sports retailer pioneering the movement that led to our BRA-MAGIC partnership, which is now help pave the way for more action sports manufactuerers to come out in February. After all, who doesn’t want to come out to Vegas? Our Co-Chairperson Duke Edukas mentioned he’s seen a ton of east coast retailers out here. The only time we saw George Leichtweiss was as he was buzzing by – “This is much busier than I thought I’d be!” he was heard saying as he flew to his next appointment.

The topic of the show is undoubtedly CHANGE. And the good, positive kind. How will things go from here? Now that the storm has started to subside, as those who have survived it reassess their business and plan to move forward, what will be different? Brands? Online presence? One thing’s for sure. BRA is excited to be a part of it.

Special thanks to Rob, Caiti, Katie, Chris, Ron, Kenny and the rest of the MAGIC crew who has been so supportive, welcoming and warm. We have had a blast and look forward to February.

See our Facebook page for some photos of the show!