Make the Most of SIA Snow Show

Make the Most of SIA Snow Show

As you probably know, the board sports industry is currently in the middle of trade show season. Between all the great opportunities to travel, network, and build our businesses and brands in person, these next few weeks offer an embarrassment of riches. One of those riches? None other than the SIA Snow Show.

This year’s show takes place January 28—31 in beautiful Denver, Colorado, which means it’s fast approaching. For the uninitiated, the SIA Snow Show is an annual event you can’t afford to miss. Known as the “see-and-be-seen, pulse-checking event” for the snow sports industry, it’s the one place where you can check in with your favorite brands, meet with your industry peers, and try out next season’s gear, all in one convenient location.

If you’re an exhibitor at the SIA Snow Show, you’re in luck! You have a unique opportunity to do more than just show off your products. You also have a chance to connect with a concentrated block of buyers, gain tons of exposure, and demo your latest and greatest offerings. The SIA Snow Show also offers the lowest trade show space rates around, so you get serious bang for your buck.

The SIA Snow Show is a big event, and sooner or later (probably sooner) you’re going to feel overwhelmed and exhausted as you try to fit everything in. Our advice is to choose your battles and prioritize your time. There’s no way you’ll be able to see and do everything. Instead of trying to achieve the impossible, it’s best to figure out what’s most important to you and your business, and go from there. To help you gear up for the big event, we put together the following suggestions of things to see, do, and attend.

The Collective

These “neighborhoods” are inspired by the sport of snow. From Ski to Snowboard, Nordic to Backcountry, Women and Style, each Collective delivers an authentic experience filled with innovation, community and education. Here, you can discover segment-specific industry statistics, show exhibits, special events and SIA attendee testimonials. The Collectives give the industry an organized and detailed look at the most important categories in snow sports today and tomorrow. If that sounds helpful to you, be sure to check it out.

Craft @ SIA

After a great reception in 2015, Craft @ SIA is back. This exhibit highlights the small, independent, hand-crafted ski and snowboard manufacturers and creates a hub of unique brands, design and innovations that stand-out in the snow sports industry. If you’re looking for something you won’t find anywhere else, it’s here.

Backcountry Experience

SIA’s Backcountry experience is where retailers, reps, and media can learn more from the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education. Whether you’re a longtime backcountry enthusiast or are about to embark on your fist season, the Backcountry Experience is a great place to gain and share vital information and educational opportunities.

Board Retailers will be at the SIA Snow Show this year, and we look forward to meeting with our members and connecting with new folks in the snow sports industry. See you there!