New Action Sports Association

John Ricciardi is asking for development support for the non-profit Action Sports Association, which will raise awareness of Action Sports Industry, on the East Coast/ New Jersey, resulting in social, education, economic, environmental, and healthcare benefits to local communities.

The Action Sports Association seeks funding, and support for the implementation of action sports into physical education classes, park/plaza development, and league formations. Your contributions, and support will address the changing outlook of youth sports, from traditional to action sports, provide youth with safe avenues to participate in action sports, and facilitate the Health care programs of promotion of healthy lifelong lifestyle activities and exercise habits within today’s youth in an environmental smart growth developmental plan.

The Action Sports Association brings the popularity and growth of action sports found on the West Coast to the East Coast. One of the benefits resulting from this raised awareness is the increased acceptance of action sports into the mainstream. No longer will skateboarders, snowboarders, etc. be viewed as “outsiders” or “troublemakers.” Increased awareness also opens the doors to new Action Sports infrastructure development to address safety, environmental, and community issues. Look at the extraordinary growth of youth soccer, in the U.S., which has taken place in recent decades. Action Sports Association will inspire America to model action sports after the way soccer has been able to achieve ubiquity in the U.S. youth sports marketplace with the Action Sports kids with input on how that will be achieved.

Action Sports Association is currently working with Secaucus, North Bergen, Point Pleasant Beach, & Boro, and the City of Newark with the programs outline into their Schools, and Parks & Recreation programs.

Action Sports Association has been giving the GREEN LIGHT to present a park development plan for Hudson County, New Jersey to build an outdoor-lighted 24/7/365 ACTION SPORTS PARK in the New, Secaucus, Hudson County Park, Laurel Hill Park, “Snake Hill”, Secaucus, NJ.

The following programs are part of Action Sports Association: School of Skate (, Calif. Skateboarder League Association (, and National Skateboarder High School Association (

John Ricciardi looks forward to submitting a full proposal and answering any immediate questions you may have. He may be reached at (732) 899-8040, or

Through your generosity, the Action Sports Association can ensure that the physical, social, educational, environmental, and economic benefits of action sports can be realized within local communities and better the futures of our youth. Please check out website for additional newspaper stories on Action Sports association, and Action Sports related info.