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Board Retailers Association (BRA), a nonprofit trade association, represents action sport storefronts across the country. The association serves as the preeminent voice for independent retailers on a grassroots level with manufacturers, trade show representatives and other associations.

The name Board Retailers Association reflects the multidimensional aspect that most retailers in our industry have. Retailers that promote surfboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding, SUPing, wakeboarding, skimboarding, kiteboarding or windsurfing all share a central theme as board sport retailers.  BRA organizes and expresses the views and concerns of independent board sport retailers in an effort to help promote our industry and support the board sports specialty retailer.

East and West Coast retailers formed the Board Retailers Association in February 2003.  Since its inception, BRA has brought about many positive changes, and we’re looking forward to building on them throughout the coming years. Read more about our retail membership options via this link. 

BRA Mission

BRA’s mission is to consolidate the voices, experiences and visions of boardsports retailers into a cohesive organization.  We provide the resources that keep specialty retailers competitive and profitable. This goal is in part achieved through the identification of ways to help lower the day-to-day costs of doing business, to negotiate as a group what is beneficial to individual stores and to explore new ways to create more remarkable customer experiences.  This strengthens our distribution base and helps the industry grow.

BRA strives to be the most effective provider of quality information and services to members, which in turn fosters an environment conducive to business success.

BRA also contributes to the industry through its non-profit foundation. The Board Retailers Association Foundation, Inc. raises money through sponsored charitable events.

Vision Statement

The Board Retailers Association will act as the primary voice and action group within the specialty retail boardsports industry. The Board Retailers Association will organize and express the views and concerns of boardsports specialty retailers to manufacturer’s associations and the trade show organizations in an effort to help promote our industry and support the independent retailer.