POS Survey Results

Together with our Associate Partner One Step Retail Solutions, we recently conducted a survey to see how many of you use Point of Sale (POS) and other retail service solutions, how you use them and what more you’d like from the software. Here are the survey results. Amy Hanson from One Step Retail Solutions will be responding with a series of articles stemming from your feedback. The first one will be posted tomorrow.

Q1. What retail solutions do you currently have in place?

POS – %96
Inventory control – %82
Security – %57
CRM – %32

Q2. If you have a POS system, do you feel like you use it mainly as a register?
Yes – %7
No – %92.6

Q3. What is your opinion on the ROI of retail solutions like these?

Excellent –  68%
Fair – 24%
Negative – 8%

From a straight sales perspective, very good and inventory management is good
Very high ROI
Ludicrous to be in the retail business without a POS, ROI is immediate
It is very important to have  a GOOD POS system

Totally worth it and absolutely necessary
Hard to measure in actual numbers, but it’s clearly a necessary part of retail in 2012
very good
You’re an idiot if you don’t invest
Ours has been very good
Very useful
Very worth it
Priceless! We feel like it paid for itself in the first year.
worth it
Very useful, you get immediate information on what’s selling so you can replace faster
Beneficial if used consistently and correctly
They are a good way to help analyze inventory and sales, but only as a piece of the puzzle
I would love to have something with more capabilities
Depends on what the store spends and monthly fees
Very necessary, but not really affordable for smaller, seasonal businesses. Can’t justify the cost
Worth it but it is a lot of up front money
Bad / Not as good as it could be – due to lack of time to explore further options

Q4. When selecting a retail solution or tool, what was the most important factor?
Price  %32
Customization %21
Syncability  %21
Misc – %26

Q5. How do you determine when and how much merchandise to buy?

Sales trends  %56
OTB software  %16
Stock levels  %12
Experience/Intuition  %8
POS  %8
Combination of all of the above  %8
Seasonal plan  %4

Q6. How do you manage and track both your top and repeat customers?
Have a workable system in place: 52%
POS, currently in active use   44%
Rewards program %4
CRM  %4
Have no system or don’t use it: %48
Nothing in place –  %24
Have POS but don’t use that feature / or don’t use it well %12
Memory / in store recognize them %12
Can only do this with online store %4
We are a resort with constantly changing customers  %4

Q7. What would make your POS and other retail solutions more valuable to you today?
Integration  %24
There are some features we’d like to see more easily integrated (rental equipment handling for example). More easily integrated for online sales and ability to handle rental equipment
Merging online sales with in store sales, inventory control on one system
If it was easy to link to different stores
Integration with accounting
Better eCommerce integration
Have some kind of online solutions
Lower cost %16 – Low cost to buy it and implement
Lower cost
Upgrades are quite expensive

Marketing integration %12
email customer contact
Perhaps linking to FB, Twitter and social media as well as better email marketing integration
Better tie in with automated email marketing

Ease of use %12
Easier set up
Ease of use and set up
If someone else managed it

Training %8

If we knew how to use it better
Better training for the system

Inventory management capabilities %8
Customizable aspects to the inv management and POS
Being able to report on-hand inventory at any time

Reliability %8
Improved reliability, our system is buggie and I heard that they all are
More reliable
Open to buy %8 – Open to buy
Syncing POS with OTB

Miscellaneous Comments:
Use of tablets and wifi
More syncable with our vendors
Faster reports
Easier to register customers
More features and functions
We are good

Q8 – Where do you search for info on retail tips and services?
The web  10
Other retailers 8
Trade shows  5
Trade articles  4
Shop Eat Surf  2
TW Business  2
Consultants   2
BRA  2
Hubspot 1
Vendor meetings  1

Q9 – Are you interested in learning more about the potential of your POS system? If so, what would you like to accomplish?
Manage inventory, keep stock levels at a minimum, judge ROI  11
Integrating web to POS  11
Better use of it  1
Ease of using our system, more ROI  1
Updates as well as how to be using our system to it’s fullest  1
Easy way to teach employees  1
Customer loyalty program we could actually use  1
What are the most effective reports to run, I need one report  1
Sync OTB to POS  1