Quiksilver Launches New Ecommerce and Marketing Website

The new marketing and ecommerce website launched today. According to Tiffany Montgomery of Shop-Eat-Surf.Com “Some of the key features include a navigation bar on every page that gives consumers several options for buying: on the Quiksilver website, online affiliates, and brick-and-mortar stores.”

“-The store locator section is very detailed. Based on a viewer’s Zip Code, it lists the stores nearby with address, phone numbers, URLs if the store has a robust website, and store hours. The order that stores appear is based on distance to the Zip Code. Quiksilver stores do not appear first if they are not the closest. The retailers listed are only the best accounts that represent the brand well, said Dave Rosenberger of Quiksilver.

-When a viewer wants to buy a product, there’s a tag that appears that says “See if this is available at your local store?” With an option to click in store availability. Then a list of stores near the viewer appears that have been shipped the product in the past 90 days. The site then recommends the viewer call the store to make sure it still has the item and provides the phone number, address, and store URL if it has an online business,” reports Tiffany.

For more information check out the interview with Quiksilver’s Marty Samuel as reported by Transworld Business.