Quiksilver Story and Culture Released in Book Form

As Reported by Label Networks’ Global Youth Culture Marketing Intelligence

Released this week at Quiksilver Stores and select retailers, the book “The Mountain & the Wave: The Quiksilver Story” will offer up readers an insider perspective of the history and culture of the rising giant Quiksilver. Including interviews with team riders and surfers such as Kelly Slater, Tony Hawk, Tom Carroll, Todd Richards, and Lisa Anderson, the book tells the story of what it’s been like at Quik for the past 30 years. And with it, readers will get a full dose of the growth of action sports including surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding, and how a brand could grow so big, but still stay somewhat core to its roots.

The story starts in Australia in the 1960’s with surfers who played around with designs for the perfect functional surf trunks or “board shorts” and how in 1976, the two originators brought them to the States which started the legend. The DIY spirit which makes up most of action sports is also a part of the story as writer Phil Jarrett brings together just how all of the pieces fit towards building the brand—including pro team selection, creation of events, retail stores, and various apparel.

“More than two years work and a tremendous number of interviews have gone into this book, and I think the end result is the story of the evolution of a surf company, told in depth like never before,” said Jarrett. “I think it’s a book that everyone who loves the brand, and in fact everyone involved in the surf industry, will want to read.”

Quiksilver is also launching a Founders Edition of 500 specially bound books presented in clamshell cases and signed by the founders of Quiksilver and brand icon Kelly Slater.

According to Bob McKnight, CEO of Quiksilver, “After more than 30 years at the helm, I felt it was time we preserved the story of our brand for future generations while the founders are still very much involved. It’s an exciting story because it’s not just about Quiksilver, it’s the story of the entire industry that our brand has been a part of for almost four decades.”

The cost of “Mountain & the Wave” is $49.95.


  1. “Quiksilver, the destruction of a lifestyle” A more apt title for the book about the “GOLF”ization and globalization rape of our passtime and passion

  2. how would i get hold of a copy of this? i am doing my final year case study uni project on quicksilver and am looking for this kind of information.

    your help would be much appreciated :)

  3. A google search reveals the book for sale through a number of vendors.