Red Flag Surfing Issue at Wrightsville Beach, NC

Hey guys….

I need some help, advice, favors, etc. on what the Mayor of Wrightsville Beach has suggested doing during red flag conditions at WB. He has suggested that surfing in front of lifeguard stands on red flag days be banned. As fellow water men I am sure your are aware that usually on the East Coast during red flag conditions that the wind is howling and the current is moving either North or South along the beach strand. If what the Mayor passes it means that surfers will be swept into the the swim zone in front of the lifeguard stand and be breaking the law in the process. Anyone with ocean knowledge knows that you can’t fight the current but for so long and it will be impossible for surfers to not at some point unintentionally be in front of the lifeguard stands at times. This will cause huge enforcement problems and distract the lifeguards from keeping their eye on the swimmers that might test their swimming ability on treacherous days.

What I need from you is to read the posts and facts on and help me by getting in touch with prominent, respected, or educated people who may offer some insight, advice, or help on changing the Board of Aldermen opinion on the subject. With courteous and well written letters from the right people who have knowledge of ocean safety we may be able to win the majority vote and keep the zones the way they are know which worked perfectly. It seems that a small minority of residents have complained, not publicly, but privately to a few of the current board influenced them into making this change against the recommendations of the Ocean Director and Fire Chief.

Feel free to contact me via this email address or call me on my cell phone 910-617-3176. Letters from other lifeguards, fire chiefs, police chiefs, magazine editors, presidents of surf companies, and anyone else you can think of would be beneficial to our cause that this is not a safe choice to encourage swimming in red flag conditions and most importantly to ban surfing at any time or place during red flag conditions. Surfer’s save lives and ask for nothing in return but be able to continue surfing. Thanks for your time and all that you do for the surfing community. Take care.

More info about the subject is below…

Tony Butler
Managing Partner
Sweetwater Surf Shop
Hope From Helen, Inc.-President