Shipping Concerns From Hatteras Island Boardsports

Hey Mike and Melissa,

I’m sure I’m not the first to write you with a complaint of this nature but I just received another box from Roxy which contained only 1 shirt. All the major brands and most of the smaller brands are marketing organic products, recycled materials, smaller footprint, etc. yet the inefficiencies in shipping seem to negate any positive effect brought about. As a retailer we are hounded with prebook deadlines and offered incentives to prebook yet we receive multiple shipments, are sent multiple invoices on single purchase orders, receive incomplete size runs, color variations, and worst of all virtually empty boxes. My brother, Kevin, and I were talking about it today and we really would like to see some pressure put on the companies to base shipping on the purchase order rather than their individual shipping cost each time they box things up and send them out. I really don’t see why I should be expected to pay multiple shipping charges on multiple invoices when I send one clean purchase order with one defined start ship date. Surely there is something that can be done about this because it has long surpassed the point of ridiculous. It seems that an acceptable shipping charge on a typical order comes out to be about 2-3% of the PO total but when a single pair of flip flops is sent in a box with a $6 shipping charge it represents a 25% shipping charge! When we bring these invoices to our reps attention they are good about getting credit memos drawn but these companies need to start to practice what they preach in terms of efficiency, and environmental responsibility as well aside from my complaints about shipping charges, multiple invoices, and incomplete size runs. I mentioned Roxy but I’ve had issues this year already with Quicksilver, Reef, Billabong, and Sanuk and I’m sure they aren’t the only ones. Can we work with Surfrider and get something done??
Thanks for listening!

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