SnoCon: The End of an Era

The first reaction we had to SnowCon’s closing after 24 years: this sucks. It’s sad when any retailer is forced to close its doors, but John Logic was special. SnoCon was special. There’s no telling how many people he put on the hill, and he was an inspiration to all of us. He always stood by the mantra of letting passion sell the sport, and was always willing to lend a hand. We really appreciate his dedication to the industry, sport and retailers alike.

Go ahead and take a look at the SnowCon Facebook page. You can sense the difference that this store and its people made.


In 1991 you felt guilty for taking all my bowling alley earnings for a new board and boots. In ’92 you gave me the “team” discount in exchange for 2 days a week interning the shop… followed by 10 memorable winters filled with great people and lots of snowboarding. Every job I’ve had since then is directly connected to the things I learned and the people I met at Sno Con. A lot of my friends and most of my favorite people ever are Sno Con connections in one way or another. For 24 years, Sno Con has been the place I could always go to hang out with friends. Thanks so much for Everything!

And another:

To you John(B) Logic, that moved to a rainy town and to create what you did with a new sport and the impact on this community, both then and now, you will forever be my hero. Not to mention all you have done for me as a mentor of friend. Thank you. The presence of SnoCon will be sorely missed.

“John’s been family from the beginning—to Board Retailers Association, our members, the entire industry. His story and passion have given us more than we could have ever imagined. This is all a lot to take in. Guy’s a legend.” says Mike Duncan, BRA President.

We’re all feeling the pangs of the changing marketplace, but hats off to Lisa, Jon and the rest of the SnoCon team for giving it a go for so long. If we take anything away from this, it’s the realization that the time has come for us to unite as an industry and get it together.

Cheers, John!