Solite (BRA Supporting Event Partner) Reinvents Wetsuit Boots via

Solite (BRA Supporting Event Partner) Reinvents Wetsuit Boots via

When you think about it, wetsuit booties haven’t changed much in the last 30 years. Every wetsuit boot on the market is made the same way and suffers from the same drawbacks: they are heavy, leaky, awkward, and don’t last long. Solite boots was founded by two guys, Jamie Meiselman and Tyler Callaway, who grew up surfing frigid Northeastern winters. We knew that booties are the often overlooked key to performance in cold water, so we set out to do one thing better than anyone else: reinvent wetsuit boots.

Fit, weight, durability, and warmth are all critical to performance in cold conditions. We asked ourselves, “What if we could find a material and construction that did everything better?” Boots are literally the connection between your board and your body. Any move you make must pass directly through your wetsuit boots. If we can optimize that connection, we can change the game in cold-water performance.

We decided to redesign the wetsuit boot from the sole up. Instead of gluing layers of rubber and straps to a neoprene sock, we started with a seamless, injection-molded sole. This sole is made from an exclusive thermo-forming material, which is nearly half the weight and twice as durable as neoprene. We patented our construction, and now we offer the world’s only heat moldable wetsuit bootie. The results in the water have surpassed our highest expectations.

Just like custom ski/snowboard boots or hockey skates, custom-fit Solite boots have a precise fit that moves instantly with your foot. Tripping over your toes on takeoffs is no longer an issue. The response is so seamless you forget you are wearing boots. Unlike other boots that soak water and get heavier through a session, our Thermo-Form sole is completely hydrophobic on the outside and anti-bacterial on the inside. So your boots stay light, warm, and don’t stink after a few sessions. Over the long haul, our material doesn’t degrade like neoprene. The surface is abrasion/cut resistant and the seamless sole means leaky boots become a thing of the past.

We don’t need to sell you a pair of boots every season because ours last longer. We figure we will sell another 10 pairs to your friends because you will be that stoked on them! Try a pair of Solite Boots and see why we say. No slipping, No tripping, Just ripping! Check out the full line of Solite boots here.

We believe that the age of companies who specialize in game changing products is dawning. We are one of those companies.

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Solite is also a Supporting Partner of the BRA Regional Retailer Roundtable happening at the Surfing Heritage and Culture Center in San Clemente on November 3rd.  Learn more about this worthwhile event via this link: BRA Regional Retailer Roundtable in San Clemente