Swappow | Special Offer for BRA Members

Board Retailers Association is proud of its initiatives to build community within the industry, and we’re more than happy to welcome +Swappow as BRA’s latest associate member. +Swappow is a really cool online action sports equipment sharing and exchange community that lets users easily swap, sell, rent, lend or donate your gear. And they’re looking to hook our members up!


The platform was designed with the main purpose of helping to grow the base of participants in action sports, with a concrete goal of 10 million more kids by 2018 specifically, by making equipment, apparel, footwear and accessories more affordable and accessible. Secondly, +Swappow strives to provide current participants with an alternative way to monetize their old product so they can buy new gear and keep active and up to date in their respective sports.

Stoked wrote a great article on +Swappow that quotes Joe Dunnigan, CEO and +Swappow Founder, as saying that he’s been “trading all the way from the UK to Brazil because the love of action sports is worldwide. Through being in the industry, I knew people had old gear that wasn’t being used, and could go towards someone who needed it.”

Great for retailer and manufacturer

Dunnigan said “as action sports commerce and specialty retailers ourselves, we built the platform with [those audiences] in mind. Our platform can benefit retailers, at no cost, by serving as somewhat of an outsourced shop trade in platform.

“We’ve already seen Arizona shops using it as an alternative to Craigslist and eBay because it’s focused on our communities. Not to mention that it’s safe, flexible, simple and is about giving back to action sports. On the retail side, they’re quickly seeing that it could become a good way to not only move demo or returned merchandise and turn it in to dollars, but because it’s a good way to get new customers in to the store.”

Not to mention that it opens up a whole new price point to the market without sacrificing the merchandising and in store experience that the shops work so hard to deliver.

Swappow would like to offer BRA members the following:

  • Listing Service Assistant: Free to all BRA members
    This makes posting items on the site 100% no risk—zero time or money—to the retailer. We’ll set up an account for any BRA member who wants their items listed on the site, and we will do the listing for them.
  • Listing App: Free to all BRA members
    List anything on the website and pay no transaction fees for the first 6 months on any sales.

If you’re interested in +Swappow, please contact Mara. In the meantime, say hello to Swappow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!