The Jamaican Skatepark Fund

The Christian Skaters International Ministry is helping to start a skatepark in Jamaica. Boston Bay is one of the rural areas of Jamaica and known for it’s amazing beaches, surf & the origin of jerk chicken. 45% of the population of the island of Jamaica is under the age of 19. The average age of a mother giving birth to her first child is only 15. The absence of father figures plagues the nation with the West Indies being second only to Africa in the rise of aids. A youth program will provide unimaginable opportunities to educate the youth, create a sense of family, provide safety, increase confidence and build healthy lifestyles.

Watch the videos at to see that Jamaican’s don’t even have concrete that’s skateable. The first step will be constructing a concrete slab. The cost of materials for this project alone are over $30,000. We are bringing a team to Jamaica April 28th-May 4th. Through Splinter Skateparks & Upliftment Jamaica, Stephen hopes to find donations to cover this first step. If you have a heart to help him on this mission and can contribute, please contact If you are interested in attending the estimated total cost of trip (including flights, meals, hotel & transfers) is $1,200pp. Contact Toni at for more information.