The Poppin App Solution – A Social Shopping App for iPhone and Android

BRA Members and retailers everywhere are beginning to discover PoppinApp in their Facebook feed and other social news.  Using the promotion code BRA0124, BRA members and retailers can register for free now! Here’s the lowdown from the app’s creators:

PoppinApp is the new social shopping, business information application for the iPhone and Android. Our goal is to enable every local business the ability to directly communicate with their customers at a moments notice. We want to provide businesses the insight of knowing who their core local customers are, seeing which products and items are trending highest, and being able to easily notify their customers through a simple to use mobile platform. For consumers, we want to deliver the one mobile application where they can easily know what’s poppin’ in all their favorite local businesses without having to hassle with downloading an app for each individual business they love.


How it works:

• Customers follow their favorite local businesses
• They take picture of things they like at the business and build a reputation based off their activity
• Businesses send their followers exclusive notifications called “IN’s”
• IN’s are used to alert followers of specials, new items, change of hours, events, and more
• People ONLY receive IN’s from the businesses they follow

Our Backend Analytics allows you to:

• See statistics regarding the number of followers you have, their age, gender, and PoppinApp participation level
• Control and unify messaging for any individual location or the entire chain portfolio
• Filter your outgoing messages to all followers, certain age groups, gender, or PoppinApp participation levels


Find our more information at or download it for free from your iPhone or Android device.