We are not alone.

This was sent to our office by a group similar to ours located in New Zealand. Thought you would find it interesting!
“Hi Crew
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“Do What you Love; We Love what we do”

Dear fellow retailer,

For those of you lucky enough not to know me – let me introduce myself. I own Saltwater Wine on the NSW Mid North Coast, starting out in partnership in one store in 1989, and most people know me as Macka. I have ratted thru old ‘group’ emails to come up with as many email addresses of fellow surf shops as I could, If the contents of this email are of no interest to you then I apologize for troubling you in advance.

Below is an email I have sent to various “Captains of Industry” from the ‘big 3’ regarding the situation Paul Greener from Geffro’s finds himself in. Paul has two stores in Sydney – Macquarie Centre @ Ryde and Castle Towers @ Castle Hill. Unless the majors give Paul unprecedented support he will get the shove from the Macquarie Centre when his lease is up in September and who knows with Castle Towers as he is living month to month as we speak.

I sent my email individually to each of the big 3 and the addressees you can see below (I have cut n pasted the tops so all email addresses were shown). I have had replies from, and spoken to some of them. All are sympathetic to Paul’s situation and some are even making the right noises. I don’t know if the points I raise in my email has happened before or if anyone else is going thru this scenario but this really is an escalation of the spread of the “national surf retailer” and any of us independents in shopping centres are sitting ducks.

As I said, everyone I have spoken to from the 3 is sympathetic to Paul’s situation and seem concerned about what they see looking into the crystal ball – but it is a bit of a can of worms and what they can and cant do is potential mine field legally (geez – I’m starting to sound like them). It would seem the points I raised have been on the mark – the brands are aware of whats goin on and are not stoked on it but I get the feeling they are all, to some extent pointing the finger at each other.

If anyone has a similar story I’d like to hear it – it could add weight to my next email barrage (with your permission). Or if anyone has a different angle or take on what I’ve said I’d also like to hear it. More importantly, if you agree with some or all of what I have said…. JOIN ME!!!! Send em your own email – Tell em its bullshit……………. If you know any other retailers not listed above please send this or your own email to them (just no “national surf retailers” please!)

Thanks for your time.

AKA – Anthony Wilson
Saltwater Wine Surf Centres
Forster – Taree – Port Macquarie