ZJ Boarding House Debuts New Store Concept

ZJ Boarding House, a Santa Monica staple for over 20 years, and the store of BRA Chairman Todd Roberts and his partner (our dear friend) Mikke Pierson is re-opening with a new look and feel with two of the three store sections being converted into Billabong and Hurley concept stores. As many of you know, ZJ previously had a three prong store with a section devoted to skate, surf and juniors/women.

Todd and Mikke still retain ownership of all three sections under the new design, which they have indicated has added some much needed zest to their retail block on Main Street. This is similar to partnerships seen at HSS where their women/juniors section was converted to a Billabong concept shop.Now that ZJ’s is essentially consolidating from three stores to one, Todd and Mikke have decided to focus on those areas of the business where they get the best ROI. Junior’s will be smaller and the surfboard section will be slightly smaller with most of the focus on short boards because longboard sales have slowed. Footwear will be smaller and more focused.And, ZJ’s is scaling way back on its snow business. Instead, the store will focus on the areas that make money: rentals, service, technical work and accessories.